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Never Before Have I Needed To Read This Lead Sentence In News Story

June 4, 2019

This should answer any questions about how far down in the hole our nation has fallen since the election of Donald Trump.

This afternoon I picked up my copy of the Wisconsin State Journal and started to read the front page story written by Johnathon Lemire, White House reporter for the Associated Press and Kevin Freking.   Lemire is someone I very much respect and have come to think of as insightful, and professional.  He is, at times, on air during cable news shows.

The place we now reside, and need to be made aware of with news reports like this one, should concern all Americans.   Never before in my lifetime can I recall when the word pugilism has been used in a story concerning a president of this nation.   (And Teddy Roosevelt, please recall, liked to box!)

The fact is that word fits for the behavior we witnessed from Trump on his trip to Britain, and then while in that country.  I fully grasp the fact that a large swath of the nation has no care at all about the thrust of this post, or why deportment matters when sitting in the most important elected office in the world.

That then means the rest of us who do understand need to step up our game and retrieve our nation away from the child-like ones.  History demands it.



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