Which Is It?

There has been a back-and-forth over the past years concerning something which has long intrigued me.  But first let me set the table, as it were, for this post.

By now most of my readers know the words, which tumbled from Donald Trump while in Ireland, have become a landmine of laughter for late night comics and anyone else who reads a newspaper or watches the evening news.

Trump thinks the Republic of Ireland is part of the United Kingdom.  I could stop there, but must wade onward as he also thinks there is a wall separating the republic and Northern Ireland.

From there the Trump meandering allows us to know he contemplates that the border between those two countries are similar to that between the US and Mexico.  (If only this were all part of a satire post.)

Trump then left his deep knowledge of international borders to weigh in on weather.  Readers will now be informed that climate is the same as weather that “changes both ways.”  Well, well.

But just in time to save us from learning too much science Trump moves our attention to transgender people.  You might be stunned to know that members of the military can’t take prescription drugs, which is why he banned transgender people from serving.

These crazy ideas caused by misfired synapses left many of us shaking our heads with yes, first laughter, but then just more embarrassment.   The comments from the above paragraphs came during a meeting with the prime minister of Ireland and during an interview with British TV’s Piers Morgan.

So now I come to the question of this post.

There has been a long-running argument over how Trump makes these brainless and crazy comments.  One side will stress that Trump has some serious personality problems and these types of comments are part of a health issue that has long been allowed to simmer.  So having known that, White House aides should be more attuned to getting in front of his verbal disasters.

The other side of the case about this matter is one that I simply love.  And I almost think it to be true.  Perhaps the aides are more able than we know and fully recognize Trump is just a fool and are seeing which one of them can feed him the most laughable lines for his use in a public setting.

So, which is it?