It’s Always About Him

Donald Trump inked his signature at the top of the document that honored the memory of those killed in World War II and affirmed “it is our shared responsibility to ensure that the unimaginable horror of these years is never repeated.”

Every other political leader, including France’s Emmanuel Macron and Germany’s Angela Merkel, wrote their name at the bottom.

Guess which world leader signed his name at the top, when everyone else signed at the bottom?

I am so embarrassed for this continual behavior that any good parents would have soundly beat out of a kid by the time they were ten.


The Shouters Lose At Dane County Board Meeting


It was another embarrassing scene from a group who thinks shouting and outrage will compensate for an orderly process-driven way of doing business.

By now most of Dane County knows that protesters tried Thursday night to take over the County Board meeting.  They chanted and wailed about “our meeting”, seeming to think they had some claim to the agenda. (We used to teach civics in schools to allow for an understanding of how government works.)

It was laughable when looking at those making the claim.  Some of them looked half-baked and slightly demented.  One was even caught on film slamming a hand on a wall repeatedly.  The only way that group could rightfully state it was “our meeting” would have been by mounting a campaign, and being elected to the board.  From their behavior it was obvious that clearing such a hurdle is not in the cards.

In the end the board did what every rational person knew would happen, and what needs to take place concerning the issue of a new jail.  Supervisors voted 26-4 to approve building an eight-story tower on the parking lot behind the Downtown Public Safety Building jail and closing two jail facilities that are outdated.

Shouting at the district attorney to shut up and sit down is the type of behavior that can only be summed up as barbaric.  The shameful display from the shouters says far more about their lack of intellect and character than any point they hoped to have made about an issue, which in the end, worked out for what is best for the county as a whole.

And so it goes.

Gay Pride Flag Flies Over Wisconsin State Capitol


I am most pleased to learn that, starting today the gay pride flag will be flown over the Wisconsin State Capitol for the remainder of June.  For the first time in our state’s history this statement from the government will be proudly displayed.

Thanks goes to Democratic Governor Tony Evers for stepping up and doing the proper thing during gay pride month.  Make no mistake about the meaning of the decision, or the visual nature of the flag itself.

At moments like this I think of gay teenagers in this state who live in rural areas.  I know they need support and assurance that living authentically is truly an option as they prepare for adulthood.

Evers is correct to say the flag  is an “important visual symbol of support” for the gay community.  He grasps the fact much work over the decades took place to overcome discrimination.  It has been a rocky road, and the work continues in our state and nation.

Today we take much for granted with the legal progress regarding gay marriage and anti-discrimination issues.  But travel a few country roads in the far reaches of Wisconsin and there is still a fair amount of anti-gay rhetoric.  There is still a long way to go before many kids who are gay can just ask out who they wish for a school dance or a weekend date.  There is plenty of frustration, stress, and in some cases even legitimate fear of violence for wishing to live as openly as every other person their age in the community.

That is why the decision to fly the gay pride flag over the Capital matters.  It is a clear sign that times are changing and laws have been fashioned to break down barriers and ensure equality.    Gay teenagers who live a long way from Madison need to know there is a way forward, and that government will have their back.

Thank you, Tony!

A Comment About D-Day, And Trump’s Action Just Yards From Graves

I spent time on the 75th anniversary of D-Day reading sections of some history books on my shelves, watching some of the coverage from France, and then late Thursday watched, once again, Saving Private Ryan.  (The Longest Day is slated for this weekend.)

I would be far less than honest, however, if I did not comment on something which happened Thursday which left me truly sad.  After reading pages from history books I turned on the news and saw something which left me stunned.  I am sure my mouth had dropped open as I watched.

Just yards from the graves of fallen heroes, on the 75th anniversary of this most historic day, Donald Trump gave an interview where he ripped his political foes and called people names.  Speaking to Fox News from the American cemetery at Normandy Trump called special counsel Robert Mueller a “fool” and the Speaker of the House a “disaster.”

I simply stared at the television and just sat silent in the chair.  Sitting silent is not something I often am noted for–ask just about anyone.   But I was simply shocked at what was being aired on television.

Trump gets taken to the wood shed often on my blog.  There are many serious issues which demand feedback from a nation which seems trapped by the one they let in through the front door.  Some readers might think I am once again just piling on.

No one can countenance the lack of morals, ethics, civility, decency, and proper deportment which the world witnessed today when Trump sat in close proximity to the graves of the soldiers, and acted as he did.   I know it is often said on this blog that nothing shocks or registers anymore.  We are becoming immune day by day to the undermining of our foundations and lowering of our institutional standards.

It was just more than we should be expected to accept.

One does not need to be a politico, member of the military, or even an American to grasp what was so terribly wrong about what happened.  One only needs to be human, and raised with only a modicum of parental upbringing to know what Trump did was beneath the dignity of the office he holds,  and utter contemptible given national ideals and standards.

It was an international embarrassment.  A stain on our nation and those who served and died.