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The Shouters Lose At Dane County Board Meeting

June 7, 2019


It was another embarrassing scene from a group who thinks shouting and outrage will compensate for an orderly process-driven way of doing business.

By now most of Dane County knows that protesters tried Thursday night to take over the County Board meeting.  They chanted and wailed about “our meeting”, seeming to think they had some claim to the agenda. (We used to teach civics in schools to allow for an understanding of how government works.)

It was laughable when looking at those making the claim.  Some of them looked half-baked and slightly demented.  One was even caught on film slamming a hand on a wall repeatedly.  The only way that group could rightfully state it was “our meeting” would have been by mounting a campaign, and being elected to the board.  From their behavior it was obvious that clearing such a hurdle is not in the cards.

In the end the board did what every rational person knew would happen, and what needs to take place concerning the issue of a new jail.  Supervisors voted 26-4 to approve building an eight-story tower on the parking lot behind the Downtown Public Safety Building jail and closing two jail facilities that are outdated.

Shouting at the district attorney to shut up and sit down is the type of behavior that can only be summed up as barbaric.  The shameful display from the shouters says far more about their lack of intellect and character than any point they hoped to have made about an issue, which in the end, worked out for what is best for the county as a whole.

And so it goes.

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