Madison City Workers Shine


I am fully aware of the attitude many people have towards public employees.  Which is why I take a few minutes to post the following about some of Madison workers who made for a genuine smile over the past few days.

Last Tuesday I called about a tree on a terrace across the street from where I live.  For many years the large tree had been losing branches during summer storms and winter blasts.  Twice since we moved into our home lightening has hit the tree.    Each year it looked weaker and sadder.   This spring only a smattering of leaves popped out on the branches.

Within 18 hours of my calling a city worker assessed the tree, painted a yellow dot on it’s trunk, and told us it would shortly be cut down.  I truly thought it would be a fall cutting.

But today when a large truck with a cherry picker (basket) arrived at the intersection in question I had to look twice.  Once the chainsaws started I had to snap a few photos.   I was truly delighted at the speed with which the city took action on a tree what could have fallen on cars, power lines, or bikers.

It took the team about 90 minutes to cut the tree down, and then a separate crew to swoop in with two trucks and claw lift to cart the whole array of branches and trunk away.

I have long applauded the work done by city employees.  I have, over time, given most of my praise to the snow plow drivers who do their best when the weather is giving us its worst.  Today, however, I just had to post this as a way to blunt some of the criticism that too often is aimed at the ones who do their upmost to make sure the city is at its best.

Thanks to all those who took care of a tree which needed to be cut down for reasons of safety.