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Wisconsin Teacher Fired For Knowing Worldview Matters

June 10, 2019

Facts of the world matter. To get a solid education one needs to have a worldview based on facts. I am truly saddened to learn of this matter, as it concerns the direction this nation is taking overall with education.

“A longtime educator at a Lutheran high school in Fond du Lac was told to resign or he would be terminated for teaching about the global problem of female circumcision in his freshman geography classroom.

“Daniel Dettmann resigned from his 24-year teaching position at Winnebago Lutheran Academy (which receives state tax money through the state private school voucher program). He said he was asked to do so because of subject matter the school board deemed inappropriate.

“Dettman’s son Corey Dettmann told the Fond du Lac Reporter he’s angry his father was made to feel shame for what he was teaching, and the administration used Bible passages to do so.”

“My dad has a strong faith and he doesn’t have any ill will toward his church and isn’t bitter. He is just trying to figure out his life right now,” he said.

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