Sarah Sanders: As Useful As Eunuch At Sperm Bank

News was reported today which should have happened  many, many months ago.


Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House press secretary who lied and continuously demeaned the office she held while defending Donald Trump will leave her position at the end of the month.  Readers of history in the decades to come will learn of a pastor’s daughter who took a road that was not taught from the pulpit.  Contempt and disdain for the press is not a becoming color on anyone.

When the history books are written about this almost indescribable period in our nation’s story Sanders will go down as a person who had the power to stop the lies, but instead took the path that Star Wars fans know all too well.  She chose the dark side.

She very well could have made a difference that historians would have been able to raise up as a lesson for future generations.  She could have used her position to advance the truth.  She would have been fired, for sure, by Trump.  But she would have lived her life as her father had raised her in a God-fearing home.  Instead, Sanders traveled that darker road where the White House Press Secretary was nothing more than another lightweight working for Fox News.

On my bookshelves, which are behind and around me as I blog, are the books written by other press secretaries.  Ones written by Jody Powell, Ron Nessen, and Marlin Fitzwater.  I fully understand that most of my readers do not have these books in their homes, have probably never read them, and I would bet my entire Elvis album collection does not recognize those names.

But those names do matter.  They represent both sides of the aisle.  And they were men of honor, knowing the important role they served not only to the White House, but more importantly to the nation.  Once a press secretary is not seen as honest or credible they are as useful as an eunuch at a sperm bank.  The important role that Powell, Nesson, and Fitzwater undertook–in the midst of their individual and political crises–could have been a great history lesson for Sanders.  But history is not something this White House prides itself on.

So why do I take this all so seriously?

I am most confident that the next best job in the White House after that of president, is press secretary.  It is a role I would love to have had the chance to perform.

Watching a real press secretary operate at the daily briefing is like seeing a talented dancer balance and pivot from note to note.  It is a job that requires lots of background and gravitas, along with an appreciation for the members of the working press.  I would thrill for such an opportunity.  For the record, of those press secretaries who did write a book, I found Ron Nesson the best read.

As to what is now departing there are only three words to end this post which sum up my feelings.

What a waste.