No Morals In Latest Tweet From You Know Who

So..lets unpack the latest crazy tweet from you know who.

Donald Trump said in a tweet Monday night that U.S. immigration agents are planning to make mass arrests starting “next week,” an apparent reference to a plan in place for months that aims to round up thousands of migrant parents and children in a blitz operation across major U.S. cities.

Next week ICE will begin the process of removing the millions of illegal aliens who have illicitly found their way into the United States,” Trump wrote, referring to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. “They will be removed as fast as they come in.

That would be quite a feat, given that the most people ICE has ever been able to deport in an entire year was 400,000. It’s more ridiculously empty bluster that won’t happen simply because of crowded immigration courts and the lack of housing, food, supplies, medical care, etc. for “millions” of people, let alone the logistics of transporting “millions” of people back to their home countries. Instead, ICE will snatch a bunch of people in some high-profile raids as they have done before, Orange Mussolini will crow about some false victory, and move on to some other deranged and misfired synapse.

Trump did not make any reference in this tweet to the ethical or moral emptiness of his plan. But nether did President Jackson speak to morals and ethics when forcing the Trail of Tears on the Cherokee.

Here is my bottom line. The separation of families should not be a result of any enforcement scheme of our immigration laws. Whether it is ICE forcibly removing the children from their parents at the border, its mandatory detention policies, or this administration’s expanded enforcement priorities, our immigration system must have a moral component at its heart.  Without it we have lost a moral center to the larger policy.

It is most unjust to split families. And we know why there is an effort to do so, as with this latest bombast and bluster. The separation of immigrant families is intentionally designed to destroy people’s hope and break their will so that they forfeit their rights and leave.  That is not the America I know calls to us from our history books.