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Bringing Boris Johnson Down

June 23, 2019

Before the actual exit of British Prime Minister Theresa May I had stated that in my estimation Boris Johnson would be the next party leader.  That was not my desire, by any means.  Just my reading the tea leaves.

But over this weekend some juicy and troubling news from Johnson’s love-nest has rocked the world of British politics.

This morning Johnson is under pressure from a Conservative cabinet minister to explain why police were called to his home after a row with his partner.


For a man with a continual fight over whether to use hair gel products–or even to just find a proper barber–the last thing Johnson needs now is an issue which threatens to derail his campaign to become prime minister.

But for the sake of that nation, and the intense fight over how to extricate itself from a devastatingly bad Brexit plan which Johnson harbors, means that other conservatives need to step up their game in the hours ahead.   Johnson needs to be prevented from gaining his dream job.

All this follows the news Friday that has damaged Johnson’s chances of beating the foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt, in a race to become leader of the Conservative party.  Hunt is going for bear today as his comment shows.

This is an audition to be prime minister of the UK … If Boris is refusing to answer questions in the media, refusing to do live debates then of course people are thinking, just who are we going to get as PM?

The story emerged after a neighbor told the Guardian he had been so concerned by a loud, late-night altercation between Johnson and his partner, Carrie Symonds, that he had felt obliged to call the police. Other neighbors confirmed the row took place and said they had been concerned by its intensity.

Messy indeed.  Just like Johnson’s hair.


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