Political Cartoons About Absence Of NYT Editorial Cartoons

A month and a half after The New York Times errantly published an anti-Semitic cartoon in its international edition, the newspaper has decided to do away with editorial cartoons altogether.  I think that a very bad decision.

Long time readers know my respect for political cartoonists who can portray an issue succinctly, and in ways that a very long news column never could.   I grew up with Herblock (Herbert Block) making the point often about the sinister side of Richard Nixon.  There is much to appreciate from the work of these professionals with a flair at making a point with a drawing.

While I wish for more people to read the long news articles and gather more information, I am also well aware that many have short attention spans and appreciate the spiciness of cartoonists.  With the absence of editorial cartoons in the NYT’s comes the narrowing of perspectives which readers have come to appreciate.