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Comment About Freedom Inc And Outreach Failing Our Local Police And Sheriff Departments

June 24, 2019

Earlier today I posted about Freedom Inc, which was featured in a news story this weekend in the Wisconsin State Journal, and how Chris Rickert’s work made me think of my dad.

Here is a comment from my Facebook page I wish for my readers to view.  My friend and school teacher wrote the comment which appears below in italics.  The comment regards Freedom Inc and tactics taken against law enforcement in last year’s Pride Parade.

Readers most likely do not need reminding that law enforcement were not allowed to march in the parade as all Dane County and Madison officers had their applications rescinded by OutReach.  That was absurd enough, but what happened later, as reported on this blog, was salt ground deeply into that wound.

OutReach allowed anti-law enforcement banners and chants in the parade.  And, they allowed on stage for their rally, T Banks, who spewed all kinds of hateful rhetoric against law enforcement and many of their allies, including our fire department.  It was pathetic.

With that as background here is the comment I wish my readers to take note of.

Thanks for sharing your blog on the value of parenting and of civil discourse. My brief experience with Freedom Inc. came just before the 2018 pride parade where I advocated for police who identify as LGBTQ to march in the parade as a compromise. Because the meeting that was called to order last minute at the Central Library there was little or no time for LGBTQ youth to digest, organize and give their opinion on what they’d like to see in the pride parade. Working with students who are marginalized in many ways, sometimes they are children of color who also identify as LGBTQ, I am always eager to find opportunities for them to experience a world where people like them are represented in the community. One of the most powerful ways I’ve seen that play out is at the Pride Parade here in Madison. Uniformed police, proud of their identities and who may have become police because of Stonewall, marching to show that this community trusts gays to police and wants them to be honored and recognized by all who are willing to walk down to the capital. Instead of building some discourse around my thoughts and about the importance of LGBTQ youth to witness such a display I was shouted down. There I was advocating for LGBTQ youth, especially those of color, and I was being shouted down specifically because of the color of my skin, my heterosexual status and my XYness. I attempted to stand in for my students but was judged by my outer appearance and my status, not by the content of my character. The devolution of discourse and Freedom Inc’s reliance on muffling even those who actively work for equality in our schools and community is a divisive path. It may get them what they want short term but ultimately will not create a more accepting society and it won’t help my students see themselves as public servants changing things from the inside. Representation through occupation!!

I am still most dismayed that Outreach was rolled by those who can only be described as  so far out of the ballpark they can not even see the stadium lights.  That loud, but clueless group, love to spin their bile that law enforcement are made up of villains and enemies of people of color.  That manure which gets piled, and then re-piled, by these malcontents is simply outrageous.

But what is perplexing to those with common-sense in Dane County is how Outreach was so utterly duped?

How could Outreach be so easily played?

That question remains unanswered by that local organization.

There is Karma however to this story.  This year due to city rules which went awry Pride will not be held due to a snafu in the process.   Hmmm……..good.

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