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Hunt Hunts Boris In Britain

June 24, 2019

Before you get too far into this post a quick note about why I take such interest in this matter.  I have been opposed to Brexit from the start, shocked at the short-sighted nature of Brits with the referendum, and confounded that parliament seems unable to see the light in finding the way forward regarding working with the EU.  I am also opposed to the tone, style, and substance of nearly every aspect of Boris Johnson’s political career.  But I do love politics and frothy stories are most engaging….so with that as an introduction……

As his personal troubles dominate the front pages for another day, the concerned expression of Boris Johnson – clasping his hand against his mouth – appears on the cover of the Metro.  The paper says pressure is mounting on the Conservative leadership challenger to “come clean” about the argument that saw police officers called to the flat he shares with his girlfriend, Carrie Symonds.

The Sun claims the couple were on the verge of splitting up earlier this month and have had four “explosive” rows in recent weeks, including what it calls a “huge spat” when Mr Johnson apparently got home late after a night out.

The Mirror goes further – suggesting that he’s mulling over a reconciliation with his estranged wife, Marina Wheeler.

An unnamed source tells the paper: “This is a classic example of Boris wanting to have his cake and eat it”.

And the week is just starting.  This political storm is rough.  For the sake of Britain and the mess with Brexit Hunt needs to prevail. 

Just this morning Johnson was writing to his faithful regarding Brexit that “we can, we must and we will” leave on the promised date.

Hunt, meanwhile, has been less enthusiastic about an October 31 deal or no-deal departure.


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