Facts Prove Slower Hiring Under Trump

This is why we rely on facts and data. Donald Trump was on Meet The Press with Chuck Todd this weekend and used facts like a doormat.

From that interview there were many outlandish statements.  This one was a mouthful of rot.

Obama had a lousy economy. It was a dead economy. . . Nobody was working. The whole place was a disaster.

Reality time for my readers.  Hiring was stronger under Obama and here are the numbers.

And from the Labor of Bureau Statistics!


Tuesday Morning Front Pages Of Britain’s Newspapers–Hunting Boris Continues!

The heat remains on the antics of Boris Johnson and his loud altercation with his girlfriend last week.  Brexit is front and center in everyone’s mind while the scandal is being played brilliantly by Jeremy Hunt, his main rival.

This is the fourth day of scandal for Johnson with his picture on many of the front pages.  The most serious new reporting comes in an excoriating column from Max Hastings,  Johnson’s former boss at The Telegraph.  Hastings accuses him of cowardice, self-obsession and moral bankruptcy.

“The Conservative party is about to foist a tasteless joke upon the British people”, writes Hastings, “who will not find it funny for long”.

Such fun!