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Thank You To Reporters For Info On Immigrant Children

June 26, 2019


It is a sign of how effective reporters are when watching how upset Trump administration officials happen to be on any given day.

The latest moral outrage comes as Trump and Company are upset that they got caught mistreating more than 300 migrant children separated from relatives and living in horrid conditions at a detention center in Texas.  How do we know such conditions existed?

Because reporters who report and write for the the AP and The New Yorker broke the stories.

We know that Stalin, the Soviet Union’s “Man of Steel” still has his words about the press repeated by Trump.  But for the rest who value truth and information we say thanks to the reporters who allowed us access to information about the conditions of the children.  It was the Associated Press who first reported accounts from lawyers who visited the facility and found toddlers who were dirty, hungry, and inconsolable, and older children who were struggling to take care of them. Some had been held there for three weeks; 15 children were sick with the flu and another 10 were in medical quarantine.

The value of the work these reporters did has the stamp of history upon it. It will be noted in 2019 this is how the United States handled small children.  At the same time the party in power in the White House was working to stop abortions they were not caring for the children who had already been born.

History will also show why these children were treated so terribly by the conservatives in this land.

Because they were brown.

No other time, than the one we now live in, could a president allow this to happen to immigrant children and the GOP sit like neutered dogs. This is where we now are–and historians will write about it for future generations.


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