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Democratic Debate Shows Progress As A Nation

June 28, 2019

There were many take–a-ways from the Democratic presidential debate which aired Thursday night across the nation.  One can make a correct claim that Kalama Harris put in a powerful performance, and that Joe Biden still shows gravitas as the political heavyweight for the nomination.

But as I watched the debate something else struck me again and again.  On the stage was a presidential candidate who casually mentioned his husband without anyone blinking an eye. Make no mistake about it–our nation has come a long way with gay rights.  And it was the Democratic Party who has worked the hardest to make it happen.

In 2006 Wisconsin was trying to undermine my rights when state Republicans did all they could to deny me and partner a right to marry.  The statewide referendum of one-man/one-woman was the most hurtful political act that I have personally witnessed in my lifetime.

So when Pete Buttigieg took his place behind a podium for a nationally televised debate among presidential hopefuls, and then spoke of his husband, it filled me with pride and awareness of how far this nation has come regarding gay Americans.  And we know who was responsible for making it happen.  And who tried to undermine efforts at moving forward.

My pride and warmth for Buttigieg ‘s politics was furthered when he used his time to speak of faith and the pressing need to have humanity and core values be front and center when dealing with immigrants and their children.  Too many who call themselves Christian have bowed to Trump and his darkness rather than heed the words of Christ towards the ones who needs to be lifted up.

Many responses from a variety of candidates touched me as I sat in the rocker, but none hit deeper and more meaningfully than the following.

“For a party that associates itself with Christianity to say it is okay to suggest that God would smile on the division of families at the hands of federal agents, that God would condone putting children in cages, has lost all claim to ever use religious language.”



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