The Importance Of One Newspaper, And One Reporter


Julie Brown is the name that all have come to know over the past weekend.  She is a reporter for the Miami Herald and has used her professional skills to investigate and  then inform readers about the Jeffrey Epstein case.  For the past year she has dug for the details and this weekend that effort was part of the reason this story was catapulted onto the national news radar.

Readers know my deep feelings of support and respect for newspapers and the reporters and staff who make these essential ingredients of democracy click on a daily basis.  Today the whole nation is coming to that realization, too, as the efforts of Brown and the Herald are being recognized by law enforcement.

“We were assisted” by “some excellent investigative journalism,” Manhattan US Attorney Geoffrey Berman said at a Monday morning press conference.

William Sweeney, the assistant director-in-charge of the FBI’s New York office, added, “We work with facts. When the facts presented themselves, as Mr. Berman hinted at, through investigative journalists’ work, we moved on it.”

This nation is indebted to reporters and journalists every day.  Many of them are not names that roll off the tongue or are recognized in print.  But they matter.   Matter a great deal.  Julie Brown has demonstrated that with her work over the past many months.  We say a most sincere thanks.

Newspapers matter in our land and have a role to play in our democracy.  Now more than ever.