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Playing To Bigotry In GOP Base With Colin Kaepernick Ad

July 12, 2019


No one can ever say the GOP does not use every racial trick and dog whistle in the book when it comes to playing to their always angry base.

On Wednesday the National Republican Congressional Committee distributed a fundraising email.  It included an image of Colin Kaepernick in the email appeared side-by-side with President Trump.  The Kaepernick image seemed to have been altered to make Kaepernick’s skin tone appear darker.

Manually manipulating the photo so that he would look darker is just par for the course from a party that is demographically growing smaller by the year.  The only way to hang on to power is to use the most vile means available to them.  This fundraising attempt is just more proof of that fact.

The latest egg on the face of the GOP follows up on Kaepernick letting Nike know that a new shoe (Air Max 1) which showed the Betsy Ross Flag Air was objectionable.  The reason being that the flag is now used by extremist groups including white nationalists.

Instead of repudiating white nationalists the GOP darkens the skin of Kaepernick and asks for money based on racism. And the rest of us are asked to believe the GOP are not playing to the bigots in their party!

Republicans would love to have the African-American vote as they did in the aftermath of the Civil War.  But look at the exit polls from the past 12 presidential elections and the trouble of the GOP is abundantly clear.  The Republican candidate garnered only about 10 percent of the black vote, while the Democrat averaged 87 percent.  

It is clear that the party that gave America President Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation no longer exists. It is now the party of Trump along with a disturbing number of white supremacists.

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