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Podcasting On The Isthmus Takes Another Step Forward

July 16, 2019

As noted on this blog weeks ago the next adventure I will embark upon is podcasting.  With the expansion of our home will come a place to fashion a broadcast ‘studio’ on the third floor, or as we will refer to it, the annex.  And I am excited!  This fall I plan to be up and operating, and while politics will not be front and center there will be topics galore concerning books, music, history and intriguing ideas.  My first guest, if all goes as planned, will be a person with statewide recognition.

Today more of the components arrived via my favorite store, Amazon.  Two microphone set-ups came in boxes and from the research I did they will very much serve the purpose.  I miss the days of radio broadcasting when I was able to flip the switch on the sound board and have some fun.  (And they paid me, too!)  While this adventure of mine will not be a money making enterprise I still plan to have a wide network of listeners and fun galore.

Older readers might care to know that what was once contained on the sound board in the WDOR radio studio–between the complete distance of my outstretched arms–where I spent several years, is now all contained in one computer program called Audacity.  The world has changed dramatically since I ‘played radio’ as a boy in my bedroom back in Hancock.  Now to digital broadcasting via the internet from the Madison isthmus.

I have a segregated laptop computer with Audacity downloaded, along with plans for the fall.



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