Mayor Rhodes-Conway Asked To Respond Regarding Madison Bikers

I post the following letter, which found its way to the desk of this blogger, since it hits on two points that are close to my interests.

The attitude of bikers in Madison are most concerning.   It would seem, on any walk on any evening, bikers feel most inclined to act without regard for any other person on a path or street.   There seems to be no laws bikers feel a need to follow.  That should concern everyone.

The second reason I post this letter from a Madison voter is based an old-fashioned idea I have about having constituent concerns responded to in a timely fashion.  I worked in a legislative office where such ‘conversations’ with the voters was taken with a great deal of seriousness.  The same should hold true for government that is even more local and personal.

Hello Mayor,

It’s more than a little disappointing to not receive a response to my message of JUNE 5 concerning safety on streets and pedestrian/bike trails.  I noticed you had time to respond to concerns about safety on State Street.  I hope the rest of the city merits the same attention.

I received an almost immediate reply from Alder Foster, which I appreciated, (and which you were cc’d on with some other people) even though he does not represent our district.  Unfortunately his response was basically too bad, so sad and included a link to a study done at a University in Denver which boiled down to bike riders are no bigger problems than motor vehicle drivers in not following the rules of the road.

What comfort!

I know that in a one-party town constituent relations are not fun or sexy.  Mayor Dave  found that out to his detriment.  I used the same email address to write to you and Alder Foster as the last 4 mayors have used.  If it’s no longer monitored you should disconnect it so that the correspondent receives an undeliverable message and knows it hasn’t gotten through.  If you don’t have enough staff to respond you should ask for the council to approve more…..although by the looks of your website, there are plenty of people on the payroll.  But again, involved with “issues” and not the petty concerns of taxpayers who try to cross a street or use a pathway without being creamed.   

I hope this is not an indication of your administration’s sense of constituent relations.  Were any of the “best practices” your university think tank helped mayors with concerning citizen involvement and addressing “customer/taxpayer/person who hopes not to get hit by a bicyclist who speeds off and leaves them with a broken limb?” on a city street or bike bath?   Or, do we merit a shrug  or worse yet, nothing?