Racism Blow-Back For Racist-in-Chief

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If you had any reason to need a smile amidst the slime being pumped by Donald Trump’s White House since Sunday’s unhinged racist tirade, it came on Thursday when the mice on the ship started to fear rising water.  News reports of nervous Republicans, from the Trump family to the leadership offices in congress, urged someone to muzzle Trump.  That is when the needed grin started.  But when Trump threw all the Jim-Bobs and Sue-Ellens from the North Carolina rally under the bus with his comment, ” didn’t say that. They did” the grin became a full-fledged smile.

Trump was forced to kneel verbally while sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office.  He had been told in no uncertain terms that he had stepped far outside the norms of decency and good taste.  Even in the eyes of the modern Republican Party!  

Steven Colbert told his late night CBS audience that Trump’s supporters in North Carolina, and around the nation, never saw the truck coming but sure felt the tire marks on their faces.

Both NBC and CBS evening news broadcasts made specific note that Trump was not telling the truth when he stated he tried to stop the offending outbursts from the audience. Trump, however, paused during the chant so that the momentum could reach its crescendo.  In each newscast it was noted that Trump waited until the crowd was done chanting, before speaking.  Almost 15 seconds of racial crud spewed from the all white crowd. Colbert even showed, with a stop watch, to further showcase Trump’s lie.

As I read the news reports Thursday afternoon of Trump’s laughable excuse for the national embarrassment, and racist chants from his base, I thought about dangerous demagogues.  What does happen when someone like Trump loses control of the angry crowd?  Are we to see pitchforks hoisted and torch wielding villagers ranting down the streets?  

There is no way not to be ashamed at what America has become.  The base of Trump supporters have demonstrated, time and again, who they are and what they wish to be identified with in our nation   I have continually stated as a matter of fact that ignorance from Trump supporters along with pure cowardice and lack of moral leadership from Republicans and conservatives is not only appalling,  but indeed dangerous.  

North Carolina is proof of that fact.

What those rubes in the arena did not know, and what Trump did not know when he started this mess on Sunday, is something that I learned in my small rural school.  Mr Winn and Mrs. Glad taught me lessons for a lifetime in that Plainfield school.

Disagreeing with certain government policies is not anti-American. In fact, it is the epitome of the freedom this country was founded on. To try and shame someone for speaking out and asking them to self-deport is certainly anti-American.

And so it goes.