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So Our Nation Can Move Fast….

July 22, 2019

…when it wishes to do so.

As players and safety advocates urge Major League Baseball to do more to protect fans from foul balls, the Nationals and Chicago White Sox this week became the first two teams to extend netting all the way down each foul line in their home ballparks. The Nationals installed more than 300 feet of new netting in time for Monday’s scheduled game against the Colorado Rockies.

Meanwhile our nation can take no meaningful steps to reduce children being killed by AK-47s.

As more people were being injured in baseball stadiums this year players and fans alike have pushed for better safety.  As they should.  My husband, James, told me at the start of this baseball season, when children were being bit by balls, that a remedy would be applied.  And quickly.

James was right.  Action was taken.

Meanwhile schools will be back in operation around the nation in two months and congress has not passed one solid piece of legislation to address the slaughter from weapons like the AK-47.

It is a shame to see how people rank their priorities, and what stokes their resolve to do something.  And it is also telling how they remain lackluster when it comes to the gun violence that impacts children in this nation.


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