Britain Lurches to Cliff’s Edge With Boris Johnson At 10 Downing Street


Though I had predicted the day of  Theresa May’s resignation as prime minister, that Boris Johnson would be the next one to hold the title, there was no joy whatsoever in the heart of this blogger.  What is happening in Britain is most distressing for watchers of international events, and anyone who has an ounce of economic sense.

Johnson is too brash and reckless with his designs regarding Brexit.  At the time of the 2016 referendum the voters were not even truly aware of what their vote meant.  The morning after the election results were known the tell-tale signs in Britain of voter’s uncertainty were the huge volumes of inquiries on Google to find out what Brexit was all about!

Today Johnson won the contest to succeed May as prime minister.  This blog had hoped Jeremy Hunt would have bested the bombastic Johnson, who always looks as he lost not only his wits, but also a comb.  Just any comb.

What is front and center for those who care about world events is the Brit’s tangled and deeply messy Brexit nightmare now being in the hands of a politician who loves rancor and division.  Johnson’s need to build alliances in Parliament will be fraught with difficulties based on his personality.

The state of affairs with our long-time ally is of the same sort that has inflicted itself on our own nation, and other countries where nationalism and the fear of ‘the other’– immigrants–has been allowed to fester.  White Nationalism and xenophobia have proven to be most dangerous.  Add into the mix ignorance about economic systems and it is a time for all to worry.

The ones who will be most scarred by the angry Tories, and others who willingly allow themselves to be deluded about leaving the European Union, are the young people of Britain.  In one sense they have themselves to blame.  After all, 42% of young British voters did not vote at the time of the national referendum.  Now with a Trump-like personality at 10 Downing Street, making the most profound economic decision in their lifetimes, places their listlessness for voting in stark terms.

To add to the dismay that those younger citizens are now feeling, and will continue to feel, is the fact Johnson was elected to his job with under 1% of the electorate.  Only dues-paying members of the governing Conservative Party, which number roughly 160,000 people, were allowed to cast ballots for the next prime minister.

So why do we care and have such concern about this matter?   It comes down to trade and finance and how that then impacts one of our international diplomatic powerhouses.

The US is, as a single country, their greatest trading partner.  But of course, as an economic unit, the European Union is greater and of more need to be reckoned with regarding economics. The Brits are our best and most favored diplomatic and international security ally. We have a mighty strong and enduring history that underscores why this news about Johnson is most troubling.  Add in that London is high on the list of the world’s banking capitals, and a financial necessity in Europe.  Unleash Johnson’s erratic nature, allow for economic instability to be ramped up, and hold on Nellie as Wall Street and world markets react.

I could not be more concerned about Britain’s future than how I feel today.  What has happened with only a sliver of voters will allow the next person as prime minister to go down as one historians will have cause to write about for decades to come.  And not in glowing terms.

Mark my words.