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Debt Limit Measure Will Be Done This Week

July 25, 2019

That we need to talk about raising the debt limit in congress, time and again, is a needless obstacle to governing.

House lawmakers expressed confidence that the two-year budget and debt ceiling deal will pass in that chamber though there is trouble within the Republican caucus.  It would be nice to have a strong bipartisan vote but there are always hiccups along the way.  And with the conservative element who are always wishing to put a stick in the spokes of governing the news this morning is not shocking.

Top Republicans believe only a fraction of their conference will support the legislation, hammered out during weeks of negotiations between Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. GOP insiders estimate that as little as one-third of the 197-member GOP conference will back the measure.  What has the GOP bent is the allowance of an increase discretionary spending limits by nearly $324 billion over two years, compared to the strict current caps imposed under the 2011 law.

All this after Donald Trump put his small twitter fingers in support of the measure.  He may not be able to get his party much past 70 Republicans in support.  This will be interesting to watch play out.  And embarrassing for the leadership.

I have called for raising the debt limit permanently.

We all should be tired of the political games that are played with this measure that–at its heart–needed to raise the debt limit.   The GOP may hate the overall bill, and Democrats may detest the added monies for the Defense Department.  But we are here because the bottom line is the debt limit needed to be increased.

And so it goes.

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