Audio Of Supreme Court Oral Arguments Since 1955


You are now entering a nerd zone. 

I became aware of an online site which is most amazing.  Oyez is without doubt the best resource imaginable when it comes gathering information about the Supreme Court and members who have served on that august bench.

A joint project of Cornell’s Legal Information Institute and the Chicago-Kent College of Law, Oyez provides the audio for all Supreme Court oral arguments and opinion announcements available since the court’s recording system was installed in 1955, along with transcripts of those arguments synchronized to the audio.

So as one listens to the audio the transcript advances on the screen with the name of the speaker noted along with a yellow highlight over the paragraph being heard.

So very useful and also so very nicely presented.

Superb to the point that one not be a nerd to learn from it.  Those who seek to know more about the high court, and know more about certain cases have a treasure trove with this site.

Consider this 1957 case.

In this suit under the Federal Employers’ Liability Act, a section foreman of a railroad was awarded damages for injuries sustained while operating a gasoline-powered motor track car pulling a hand car hauling material, tools, and equipment. Each car had only four wheels. The cars were fastened together by a pin, not a coupler. The motor track car had only hand brakes, and the hand car had no brakes. There was evidence that the accident resulted from want of adequate brakes for the use to which the cars were being put. The sole issue before this Court was whether such vehicles, when used in the manner here involved, are within the coverage of the Safety Appliance Acts.

Now hear the oral arguments via Oyez.