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Absentee Ambassador, Thrice Married, Wins Votes For UN Ambassador

August 1, 2019


The basement keeps getting lower, month by month, with additional Trump appointees either serving as acting caretakers, or as with Kelly Craft being voted on by the Senate.

Yesterday Donald Trump got his UN ambassador nominee, Kelly Craft, approved.  But after that there is not much to say about her except why she was not qualified.

Why she got any position in this administration is most obvious.  She and her current coal CEO husband have donated millions of dollars to Trump and Senate Majority Leader McConnell.  It needs to be noted that the Crafts live in Kentucky.  Journalist James Fallows says this is the first time that a big-money donor has been named UN ambassador, another sign that expertise is irrelevant in the Trump world.

Her name should sound familiar to many of my readers as she was most recently US ambassador to Canada.  That, in and of itself, is not the reason you have heard about her, as her notoriety actually comes from not liking to do her job.

Ambassadors can spend no more than 26 work days per year away from their post.  But Politico reported that Craft took 128 flights between Ottawa and the US in just 15 months. That’s the equivalent of one round trip per week. And 70 of those trips originated in or departed from Lexington, Kentucky, where she lives.  There have been reports that officials in Canada and at the State Department have privately complained that she was an absentee ambassador.

With the Trump Swamp as deep and murky as one can imagine it is also not possible to have any data supplied for the taxpayers of this nation who allow her to be paid.  The Trump cover-up has kept the US embassy in Ottawa and the D.C. State Department from saying how many days Craft was actually at her post.

One reason Trump and Craft have bonded is due to the number of spouses they have gone through.  She’s had as many husbands as Trump has had wives.


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