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Freedom, Inc. Harmed OutReach’s Gay Madison Pride Event

August 1, 2019


Not for the first time does this blogger point out a needed reminder concerning the harmful impact of Freedom, Inc.    Nor is it the first time I have reminded readers what happens when an organization like OutReach, a LGBT non-profit, fails to stand tall for common sense and rational thought.

Last year a most dreadful series of headlines needed to be reported when OutReach did not allow for Madison police officers and Dane County law enforcement to march in uniform at the gay pride parade.  The reason for the needless chaos and disruption was due to Freedom, Inc. instigating an uproar that Madison’s LGBT community members, particularly those who are transgender or people of color, would feel unsafe if officers in uniform also took part in the parade.

That OutReach allowed themselves to be used, and then parroted the rhetoric about our local enforcement community, was most shameful.  Madison police and the county’s sheriff officers have over the many years been allies and most sensitive to the needs of the LGBT community.  For OutReach to have fallen in line with those who hate police and ban them from the parade showed lack of spine from Outreach.  Even this year there is a bitter feeling still in the air concerning how allies were so easily thrown under the bus.

So it was Karma working full-time when a glitch in  the city permit process made it impossible for OutReach to hold a parade this year.  The best this operation can pull off is a picnic and if there is more Karma to be handed out it will rain in buckets that day.

I take no pleasure in slapping down OutReach.  As a gay man I fully grasp the importance of their overall mission. But I took great offense at OutReach’s lack of character and common decency when it allowed a police-hating group to have such sway with the Pride Parade. 

Worse, still, is OutReach seems not to have learned their lesson.

I know what it means to have grown up needing to fight for my rights.  But I also know what it means to stand for something or otherwise just fall for anything.

OutReach made that point most clear in 2018.

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