Pragmatism In The News!


Though the work week is about over, and in spite of a lot going on at our home which made it so that many important news events went without comment, does not mean this following story will suffer the same fate.

Especially since the need for being pragmatic in governing is often stressed on Caffeinated Politics.   I very much appreciate it when those elected to govern actually make sure that the process works.  That happened this week.

To often this blog has to concentrate on the chaos, bombast, anger, and latest resentments which make for headlines.  So when it was reported that a two-year budget deal that set new spending levels and boosted the nation’s borrowing authority had passed both houses of congress, and was signed by Donald Trump I felt good.

We all should.

Was it perfect in the way that each side would like it if they could craft it as they wished? No, of course not.  But therein lies the key to why I am pleased.

Never does anyone, or any party get all they desire in a legislative process.  The meeting in the middle, while making sure the end result is agreeable for passage so the nation’s larger needs are met, is what matters.  And with this week’s conclusion that is what happened.

The bipartisan legislation, which was approved in a 67-28 Senate vote, raises the debt ceiling past the 2020 elections and allows $1.3 trillion for defense and domestic programs over the next two years.

To move all this past the 2020 elections was a gift to the financial markets and those who wish to show some sense of stability to a world that has wondered what has happened to the United States.  Enjoy this feeling, America, because we know that it will not last.  But given the importance of the debt ceiling, and the lack of pragmatism on most occasions, let us be glad reasonable minds succeeded on this matter.  Doubly so since the government was approaching its limit on borrowing, about six months earlier than predicted.