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White Folks Need To Wake Up!

August 4, 2019

I have been astounded, and somewhat taken aback, by the lack of awareness during the past 24 hours regarding the racial aspect to the mass shooting in El Paso.  The racial animus which drove the shooter, and the White Nationalist mindset which is fostered by Donald Trump and key elements of his administration, are front and center to this story.

To divert attention Trump supporters are trying to claim that calling out the fact the shooter was a white angry male, feeding in the cesspool of white supremacist’s language, is somehow also racist.  Anything to spin and deflect is all we can say about Trumpsters.

It is clear to me that white people in general are the ones who need to recall they are the ones who have made everything about race in this country.  As a reader of history I only need to check the boxes next to slavery, Jim Crow, lynchings, legalized segregation, institutionalized poverty, and mass incarcerations–to name a few down the pages of our national story.

Too many whites are not aware or conscious of where we are in this nation. And how we got here. That underscores the plight of our education system, and the breakdown in families who did not insist children do their homework, and get grades which would allow them to be worthy of being called citizens.

What is passing today from Trump supporters as ‘conversation’ about the racism that was at the root of the El Paso shooting shows that we have a long ways to go in this nation to honesty.

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