Did ICE Arrest Employers Of Undocumented Workers?

I know readers who stop by my little place on the internet highway have the news of the day.  I try to add a certain view, or pose a question that has not been addressed in the media, and in so doing add to the conversation.  Such as the news this week of an ICE raid of meat packing plant in Mississippi.

It was simply a most mean and disgusting action by the federal government.

The raids were by far the largest to occur since Mr. Trump took office, and the biggest since December 2006, when more than 1,200 people were swept up in a raid at several units of a meat processing company.

Three poultry plants that are owned and operated by Peco Foods in three towns, and a fourth run by Koch Foods, in Morton, Miss., were among the facilities raided on Wednesday.

Mayor William Truly of Canton told the local ABC affiliate that federal agents had identified workers who were in the country illegally and rounded them up, put them in buses and took them away.

As my readers know I have sharply criticized such raids.  But this week the shame of our nation grows as for families of those arrested it was the first day of the new school year.  Just awful.  Children learned that their mothers or fathers had been taken into custody through school officials and guardians. Can my readers imagine the hell these kids were going through upon receiving this news?  Some of these kids were left temporarily homeless.   This is just completely unconscionable.

Community leaders put some children up for the night while their parents were processed by ICE., noting that a number of children returned to empty homes after the arrests.

Put yourself back into your own shoes at the age of 5 years old, 6 years old, 7 years old, 11 years old, and consider how you would feel.  How terrified you would be.   This type of intimidation of these workers is soulless and again shows the deplorable nature of what was elected in 2016.

But what about the the employers who hire workers who are in the country without a process that makes them legal?  I recall when President Obama was first in office he had worked to make sure that ICE raids at workplaces would focus less on the employees, and more on their managers and bosses.  From this blogger’s desk it is far more sensible to have employers, who have for far too long successfully deflected punishment for their hiring practices, to be the ones facing the busted down doors and harsh measures from the federal government.

When considering what happened in Mississippi this week, and looking back over how ICE previously operated leaves me most concerned.  In the past most of those charged dealt with workers possessing phony paperwork.  It was not against employers for knowingly recruiting or hiring illegal workers.  It all comes down to who has the best lobbyists walking the halls of congress.

I have long advocated for an immigration system that allows for newcomers to our nation, and a process for citizenship in due course. With worker shortages in every state and in all employment sectors, and many seeking justified asylum from the places they flee, means we need to have a reasoned national conversation about how to proceed with a new immigration plan.

The rancid bigotry of Trump and his followers have demonstrated where we no longer can go as a nation.