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In Memory Of Mom, Geneva Humphrey

August 11, 2019

There are scores of pictures of mom.  From over the decades at reunions, or weddings, or on vacations.  But there is one picture that has always been my favorite as it best sums up who she was.  It also best sums up what I miss most about her these 12 years later.


Mom loved a hot cup of coffee, and better yet, the conversations that flowed as people gathered around to chat.  Many a Sunday after dinner dad would leave the table to watch 60 Minutes, while mom poured the two of us another cup of coffee as the conversation continued at the table.  The home kitchen was where countless cups of coffee were poured and seemingly endless back-and-forth about every topic under the sun.

At the time of the family estate closing I wanted some personal items–nothing large or expensive.  I wanted memory pieces.  As such I took one of the matching mugs in 2011 when leaving the family home for the last time.  On this date, and also on mom’s birthday, (Dec. 31st) I bring that mug from the top of the kitchen shelves.   Today the mug will be filled again and again–just like she did in her kitchen–until the coffee pot is finished.  Then the mug is washed, placed back on the upper shelf, and used again in December.



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