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Congressman Shoots Wife’s Lover in Lafayette Square, Across From White House

August 13, 2019

Son of Francis Scott Key murdered for sleeping with popular party hostess in Washington, DC.

The year is 1859 and the rule of law is about to become the number one topic not only in America, but will become an international story when love, betrayal, politics, and a very long list of mighty names comes to the fore.

Saturday, during breakfast, I listened to a broadcast by Chris DeRose as the broad outline for his work, Star Spangled Scandal was presented on C-SPAN (on-line).  Readers might know my love of media, journalism, politics, and history are topics that run deep to my core.  Combine all of them into one book….well!

The book which was ordered Saturday (immediately after breakfast) from Amazon arrived today via my friendly postal carrier.

What captivates me, among other aspects, is the emergence of newspapers which report on the gritty side of life.  That will begin the process of legal fights to determine where the rights to know what is happening, bangs up against what some feel is privacy.  That duel has not ended.

But this book tells the story where it began.  Nothing like this media sensation, as described  by DeRose, had been known before.

History is never boring.  Proof of that comes by watching a simple presentation on Book TV and wham!


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