Elvis Still Lives In Our Hearts

It was on this day in 1977 as supper was being served in our home that the phone rang.  It was Aunt Evie who lived across the road from us in the rural township of Hancock.  She had the evening news airing in her home, and heard the report that Elvis had died.

I have thought about that call for decades.  Not for only the news she had to share, but the fact that this was the type of news that folks around the nation would make sure others around them were aware of.  Elvis’s death, moon landings, presidential impeachment.   What happened on August 16, 1977 had reverberations.

Evie knew we much enjoyed Elvis as she did–though her high regard for him started before I had eyelids.  In my teenage years Elvis was the one who I much admired for the way he always lived life on his terms.  He was ridiculed, and worse, when as a teenager he wore his hair differently from his peers, or wore pink shirts.  He never stepped back from being authentic.  The world loves those who walk to their own tune.

And those who do that in life are remembered.