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Money Can Sure Aid Those In Jail

August 17, 2019

The last weeks of Jeffrey Epstein’s life were up-side down to be sure.  But not as chaotic as they would have been had he not been rich.  The story today in The New York Times is an eye-opening account of that happens when one of rich and brought to justice.

Jeffrey Epstein, inmate 76318-054, hated his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center. It was cramped, dank and infested with vermin, so Mr. Epstein, long accustomed to using his wealth to play by his own rules, devised a way out.

He paid numerous lawyers to visit the jail for as many as 12 hours a day, giving him the right to see them in a private meeting room. Mr. Epstein was there for so long that he often appeared bored, sitting in silence with his lawyers, according to people who saw the meetings. While they were there, he and his entourage regularly emptied the two vending machines of drinks and snacks.

It was shift work, all designed by someone who had infinite resources to try and get as much comfort as possible,’ said a lawyer who was often in the jail visiting clients.

Outside the meeting room, Mr. Epstein mounted a strategy to avoid being preyed upon by other inmates: He deposited money in their commissary accounts, according to a consultant who is often in the jail and speaks regularly with inmates there. 

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