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Trump Aiming For Madison’s Willy Street Vote?

August 17, 2019


Smart politicos know everything they do should always be about addition.  Growing your level of support is the key.  That has hardly been a factor, however, in the Donald Trump White House where hugging the white male base and stroking it continuously, to the exclusion of all else, has been the only consideration.

But might that be changing?  Given recent polling, along with economic woes on the horizon, might Trump’s team now see a need to reach out to voters?  Even ones who live in the very progressive zip codes in Madison?

I had to smirk when it was reported the Trump administration is coming to the defense of Led Zeppelin.  It all comes down to a copyright dispute over the opening passage from one of rock’s best-known anthems, “Stairway to Heaven”.  It is perhaps the best known notes of any song for the past couple generations of Americans.

So now the Justice Department has filed a friend of court brief supporting Led Zeppelin against a claim that it stole the musical passage from an earlier recording, “Taurus” by Spirit.  The lawsuits have been under way for years between the bands, and more legal wrangling is in the works for the courts in September.   Who knows how it all will end?

But Trump is surely hoping to look hip and ‘with it’ when supporting one of the rock worlds best-known songs and bands.  It might even work.  After all, Trump already has the colored hair and skin. Might he show up one night at a rally with a guitar and mock sing? It would surely be more entertaining than listening to his ‘old hits’ about crowd size and emails.

And so it goes.

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