Antidote To The Headlines Found On Madison Isthmus

Years back I used to post on this blog pictures of flowers and butterflies from our lawn.  Most of that type of item now is found on my Facebook page or Twitter account.  But this afternoon I was walking from the driveway and the following photo is the sight that just made me stop.  And look.

This is what I plan and scope out when the winter winds cross over frozen Lake Monona and the snow piles up on the front stoop.  And this is what makes life bouncy, day after day, as the warm breezes of summer remind us what really matters.

This blog is mostly an Op-Ed page akin to what one finds in the daily newspaper.  The headlines of the day make for analysis and comment. But it does all of us good to know that headlines, more now than ever, need an antidote.  I have found mine.  Go for a walk tonight and find yours, too.

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