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Pulling The Plug On Visions

August 20, 2019

Another continuing topic at CP. 

This time I hope, and trust, that ALRC will do their job for the city when it comes to Visions.

Continuing disturbances, including weapons violations, could compel the City of Madison to revoke the liquor and entertainment licenses of Visions Nightclub, the city’s only strip club, according to an article in the Wisconsin State Journal.

In a 56-page complaint issued on Aug. 16, the City Attorney’s Office formally asked the City Council to revoke the club’s liquor and entertainment licenses based on more than 50 incidents that occurred between January 2012 and June 2019. The most serious incident was a shooting and stabbing in December 2018 that left five people injured.

In addition to maintaining a disorderly establishment, the complaint also alleges that Visions, 3554 E. Washington Ave., has violated city ordinances by changing or expanding its premises without the council’s permission and by serving alcohol with no licensed operator on the premises.

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