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Why We All Need To Thank California!

August 20, 2019

Rolling back climate changing policies is one of the most damaging long-term impacts that history will record of the term Donald Trump was in the Oval Office.   To deny not only what scientists worldwide have documented and proven to be happening to our planet, but also to pretend one’s eyes are lying on a daily basis is just absurd.  Yet that is what this White House is doing. Thankfully, not everyone is singing from the same hymnal when it comes to auto emissions.

At the heart of this fight is a most sensible pollution standard, put in place during President Obama’s administration, (and the last time this blogger was able to place the word president before the officeholder) which requires automakers to nearly double the average fuel economy of new cars and trucks to 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025, cutting carbon dioxide pollution by about six billion tons over the lifetime of all the cars affected by the regulations, about the same amount the United States produces in a year.

Trump, of course, wants to roll back and significantly weaken this requirement.  Some of his ‘reasoning’ is due to business costs to car-makers.  There is also the fact Trump has a deep disdain for the first African-American president, and wishes to undermine all of Obama’s accomplishments.  Recall that this auto requirement remains the single largest policy enacted by the United States to reduce planet-warming carbon dioxide emissions. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere traps the sun’s heat and is a major contributor to climate change.  That is a scientific fact.

Now to the politics of this fight as four of the world’s largest automakers have struck a deal with California to reduce automobile emissions, siding with the state in its fight with Trump.  Honda, Ford, Volkswagen and BMW (as a Mini convertible driver I was most pleased to see BMW’s name) have joined arms on this matter, and this morning I heard it reported Mercedes-Benz will do the same.  With such efforts by car-makers there will be no way for Trump to impose a lack of science and logic into a regulation.  When market share is looked at regarding those who will not relent on fuel emission standards it means 40% of all cars sold in the United States.  The law of economics wins.

We all need to say thanks to California.  First, and foremost, that state’s political leadership took the needs of the planet into consideration.  They placed science and the consumers up ahead of politics and a narcissistic person sitting in the White House.

And then to add frosting to the cake they showed Donald Trump, on a signature issue of his administration, to be impotent.

And so it goes.

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