NRA Proves Why Disdain For Government Exists

A most clear example as to why voters in our nation feel disdain and angst about the government was presented this week when Donald Trump caved to the National Rifle Association.  After a single phone call.

The phone call between Wayne LaPierre, the chief executive of the National Rifle Association, and the person bought and paid for by the gun rights organization, was aimed at making sure no law changes would occur following the back-to-back mass shootings in Texas and Ohio.

Shortly after the shootings, which left many coffins to be filled, Trump had stated an interest in pursuing what he had described as “very meaningful background checks”.   Of course, any words which come from Trump are worthless.  Just wait a day, or have a call from the top gun-slinger at the NRA and everything once said will be reversed.

I could continue on about Trump and his lack of honor.  Been there, and done that for many years on this blog.  Instead what I wish to point out from this recent chicanery between a lobbyist and a president is the reason why so many find our government to be so out of touch with reality.

Ask yourself the following questions.

How did the United States of America, after helping win two world wars, landing a man on the moon, battling polio and AIDS now find ourselves not able to resolve gun violence, a most deadly epidemic due to a non-governmental organization?

How does one powerful lobbying organization gain so much power that it controls not only state legislatures, but also congress, and even a president?

This morning Trump talked with reporters and stated he was upset at the word choice made by Denmark’s Prime Minister regarding the sale of Greenland.   She stated quite clearly such a deal was absurd.

Absurd is also the only word which describes the grip the NRA has on policymakers in our country.  Trump may hate the word, but it is most apt to use.

Trump may willingly kneel to the NRA and think that is a fine way to act but there are many Americans who are tired of this behavior from the ones elected to make society better. We see, time and again, as with the phone call with Trump, that too many politicians are willing to look away from mass shootings and the victims.  The reason they act with such disregard is their fear of single-issue voters who do the bidding of the NRA, which is single-mindedly focused on protecting gun manufacturers.

The lack of ability from our government to protect citizens from the gun lobby is all the proof needed to demonstrate why voters have a deep disdain for government.  It is a self-created stain on the coutry.  The antidote, of course, is to have Americans take our country back from those whose only interest is in enriching their bank accounts (Wayne LaPierre) and those people they bribe (Donald Trump), who took $30 million from the NRA to be elected.

And so it goes.