Donald Trump And Queen Victoria, New Title For Trying Times

Yes, you read that post title correctly.  I am about to write on the topic of Donald Trump and Queen Victoria.


Each day I spend time somewhere back in the pages of history.  I always have several books going at any given time so I can decide on how I feel as to which era, or continent I wish to land with my coffee pot.   (Today it was Blueberry Crumble while I found myself in the late 19th century Europe).

For readers who might stop on this post months from now, it needs to be stated this week Trump has made a most dreadful series of comments which gives a whole new meaning to the messianic complex.  It has been most embarrassing for our country.

So it was quite ironic as I read Chapter 16 (The Road To War) of The Silk Roads by Peter Frankopan that Britain finds itself being pressured by an ever-more confident Russia.  For all their efforts the Brits had not been able to match their diplomatic and political moves with their economic power.  How might Britain show they were more than a mere country among fellow countries?

How about changing the title of the monarch from a royal to an imperial title?  At the time the Russian Czar had a formal title and at times used his name in reference to an elaborate and lengthy list of territories he lorded over.  In time Vicotria will be known as both Queen and Empress.

This week we have seen that Trump believes he has been selected by God to lead this nation.  He now even stands in front of the White House press corps, while holding his hands in supplication, as he glances to heaven while revealing he was chosen to deal with China on trade issues.  Trump has found the title of “The King of Isreal” from a right-wing radio source, along with being viewed as “the second coming of God” to be worthy of embracing and repeating.

Clearly, Trump is shackled by the mere title of his office, given his selection by God to lead.  While Queen Victoria had a title change to check geopolitical spheres of influence Trump is in need of a title that will more resemble the Sun King, Louis XIV.  The fact that Louis was actually very religious and offered daily devotions all his life will not bother Trump, no more than any other fact on any other issue has proved to be a deterrent.

Trump clearly has a desire to be more than a mere mortal elected by humans to serve in government.  He fancies himself to reside in an elevated position of power and respect that communes with God and then speaks to the people.  People like Trump were once thought to be delusional.  Now a sizable segment of the nation calls him president and even are proud to have voted for him.

Can the large vats of Kool-Aid to be far away from being served?

What I was interested in learning was within hours of Trump claiming to be “the chosen one”  the term “antichrist” began trending on Twitter in the United States.

I think Trump should be labeled as nothing more than akin to a televangelist. He is a fraud and purveyor of blarney and bull.  That undereducated people fall for his lines are as much a sign that something is wrong with our society as it is that Trump is mentally unstable and in need of institutional care.

Finally, I wish to ask forgiveness from lovers of history for linking Queen Victoria with someone she would have found to be totally loathsome.