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Donald Trump As Jesus Christ

August 22, 2019

This week has been utterly deplorable, thanks to Donald Trump.  He is disgusting.  What happened this week underscores why the majority of voters were correct when summing up Trump in 2016 as unacceptable.  It does need to be pounded home, again and again, that the under-educated in this country are to blame for the election outcome.  What happened this week is their fault, too.

They may now wish to hide from the news or pretend how awful it is to talk about the latest Trump messes.  But let us make clear there were enough examples in the campaign of 2016 as to why it prudent to have steered clear of Trump. Just how low of an IQ must one have to cast a ballot for what was most obviously a colossal disaster? 

This week the statements make 2016 look like a sweet picnic.

“I am the Chosen One.”

Then on the same say Trump embraced the titles of “The Second Coming of God” and “The King of Israel”.68760501_10157664746666057_1895678417039261696_n

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