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Charlie Cook Is Just Fine

August 24, 2019

If you have, over the past months, turned into your favorite news show where elections are the topic you might have noticed Charlie Cook, a much respected and highly knowledgeable political analyst, looks different.  My first reaction was the man is really quite ill.  But with a fast on-line search I was able to toss those thoughts.  There is a very good reason Cook looks leaner.

To address the concerns that have been registered, such as mine, comes the following words from the man himself.

On advice from my doctors, I’ve lost almost a hundred pounds since June 1 (2017), about a third on a liquid-only diet, then in mid-June had gastric bypass surgery, losing the rest. In October/November (2017) reached goal weight and now eating is pretty much back to normal, albeit much smaller quantities. So, no cancer or anything, not yet anyway. I told my wife I hope she likes me, I’m going to be around a lot longer than she bargained for! So now, back to a fascinating midterm election. 

The voice, my shoes, socks and ties are the same, everything else is new. Last time I weighed this little, President Reagan was in office. 

Charlie Cook

Those of us who have enjoyed his professional and long-time data-driven style of analysis are most pleased to know all is well.


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