Madison’s “In Business” Publishes My F-35 Truax Column

I care about the F-35 jets being placed at Truax Field in Madison.  It will be more than an economic asset to the region, it will also speak to our values and plays to the core mission we have as Americans to the world.

So I was pleased to see that my column about F-35 jets and Truax was published by In Business.  

There has been strong bipartisan backing for the F-35 jets from our state’s congressional delegation, and vigorous backing from the local business community. The choice of Madison, out of five Air National Guard base finalists, took years to bring to fruition, and underscores the importance this selection is to our region. I like to have a fast lunch at Hy-Vee on the east side of Madison. Each time, I see a number of military personnel wearing a uniform while spending money, which is a solid example of why this fighter wing is a smart economic decision.