Mini Cooper Is 60 Years Old

In January of 2011 I made a decision that turned out to be a good one.  With my father very ill, and the years moving along as the graying in my hair proved, I looked at my ‘bucket list’ and noticed that one matter could be easily done, and would create lots of smiles.  James was very much encouraging the idea, too.

It was decided that convertibles would be the future.  We still very much feel that way. Our purchase of a Volkswagon Beetle, the final model year of the classic design with only 1,500 manufactured worldwide, meant I had a gem in the driveway.   I adored the car.

A wicked thunderstorm and a large limb from a neighbor’s tree ended my driving the car.  Azure was gone.  (We name all our cars.)  There was a happy ending–of sorts–to that car.

James and I had talked about the cars we liked and what we did not like about the majority on the road.  We both wanted something that was unique and different.   And we also both loved Mini Coopers.  We also much appreciate our dealership and their full team for professional service.

Our first one was the Green Rocket and driven off the car lot to our home in 2016.  With computerization running rampant in cars, and I am grateful for that fact, it also takes more money for garage time at a dealership.  So in 2016, we leased our car, and for us, that made lots of economic sense given our driving habits.

This June we leased our second Mini convertible, as the famed car was celebrating sixty years since the very first Mini was introduced.  It was then the Morris Mini-Minor which was manufactured by the British Motor Corporation (BMC) came off the assembly line.

The car, which would go on to become a British icon, was announced to the public on August 26, 1959, and for the first decade of its existence, was sold under the Morris and Austin brand names. Powering original models was a four-cylinder mustering up a mere 34 HP. While that may not sound like much nowadays (and it really isn’t), it was a lot for a car as small as the Mini six decades ago.

I have not had  a speeding ticket for decades, but truth be told, I have never had a faster car on take-off, or more feeling of wonder on tight turns, then what happens in our Little Red Chili Pepper.  They really do keep making the engines better and the driver happier.

Life is too short to keep placing the bucket list for a time further down the line.