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Donald Trump Is A Grifter

August 27, 2019


Even partisan Republicans must admit the most unseemly side of Donald Trump in the White House is the use of the office for his personal financial gain.  Even the most gung-ho supporters of Trump must be taken aback by the guardrails of ethics, common-sense, and decency coming undone as the news of his most brazen lack of respect for the nation is playing out this week.

Trump wants to have the Doral golf resort as the setting for the next G-7 Summit. The fact he owns the Miami-area resort, and there is no way to attend and not spend money at his property, should send alarm bells pealing all over the nation.

News of this resort is not new as reports for some time have alerted us to the financial downturn in their profits due to well, Trump himself.  His behavior in office, and on the world stage, has cost him.  A financial disclosure report filed with the federal government this year showed revenue at the club has barely been growing — up just $1 million to $76 million.  Trump’s financial disclosure also shows he owes a lot of money to Deutsche Bank for the property, which helped him buy it in 2012. As of the end of last year, Trump had two mortgages on the resort, one for more than $50 million, the other for as much as $25 million.

So Trump needs to get cracking on making this business venture more profitable as his months in office comes ticking to a close due to the upcoming election. So what better way to fleece the system than to have the G-7 meeting at the resort and make an extraordinary amount of money.  Money making, after all, is what this whole political enterprise has been about for Donald Trump and his entire brood.

The fact is, over and over, one can find news articles that show the lack of income growth for the place where Trump wants to have international attention to be focused.  A Trump Organization consultant told the Miami-Dade Value Adjustment Board last year that the property was “severely underperforming,” according to The Washington Post. The local government cut the resort’s assessed value for 2018 from $110.3 million to $105.6 million, according to county records.

And news articles point out there is a long list of former Doral members who quit the club years ago but are still waiting for their initial deposits back. New members have to join first for old ones to get refunds.  But the slow pace on new members wishing to join means that some former members have been waiting for 10 years or longer.

The grifting nature of Trump and his entire clan runs counter to the way another businessman, President Jimmy Carter operated upon being elected.  Carter had been managing the family-owned peanut farm, warehouse, and store in Plains, Georgia since his dad died in 1953, but when he became president, he put it into a blind trust to avoid conflicts of interest.

In so doing Carter demonstrated respect for the laws of the nation, self-respect, and respect to the people who elected him to serve in the highest office in the land.  Carter did not aim to make money off of the presidency.  Today Trump and his family show what happens when there is no respect for anything but money and all-out-greed.

Most of the nation lives at the center of sensibilities where Carter has resided his whole life.  The home he and Roslyn live in is a two-bedroom valued at $167,000.  Carter has been known to buy his clothes at the Dollar General and he often flies commercial.

The rank-and-file Republican Trump supporter lives like Carter but caters and fawns over the biggest scammer and con artist who has ever stepped into the White House.  Trump supporters hoot and holler about their love of the nation along with the need to be respected around the world.

But look who they support.  And what Donald Trump is, and what he does for self-enrichment every day in office.

And so it goes.

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