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Madison School Board Member Ali Muldrow Used Trump Tactics

August 27, 2019

UPDATE–ACTION ALERT–Sign Petition and remove Ali Muldrow from Madison School Board.

To say I am very disheartened with Ali Muldrow would be a severe understatement.

Since 2015 I have lamented the tone, style, and tactics of Donald Trump with his use of bombastic language, lack of facts, and wild exaggerations.  I have wondered how deep his impact would be on the body politic.  While our political discourse has always been frothy in the history of our nation there is no doubt the wheels appear to be coming off the bus since Trump arrived on the scene as a presidential candidate.

But with the words and statements used by Madison School Board member Muldrow regarding local police, Nazis, and concentration camps I am truly saddened, given this is a very liberal and seemingly educated area.   If we can not rise higher in our discourse and ability to argue a point what hope is there for the hinterlands?

On Saturday, Muldrow said on Facebook, “I think that (it’s) important to talk about what it is like for the students who are arrested at school and end up in the Dane County Jail. We would not talk about the role of the Nazis and act as if the experiences people had in concentration camps is a separate issue.”

I was stunned at her words, and equally so at the lack of her awareness of what occurred during one of the most inhumane chapters of the 20th century.  I am sure she has a number of degrees and diplomas, but this weekend she acted as if she had never opened a history book in her lifetime.

There is no excuse for making such an outlandish and hurtful statement.  It was not as if Muldrow misspoke, as what she offered was in writing which takes more time and awareness to prepare.  The harm she did with local efforts to unite people who have varying perspectives on local police and oversight issues will take time to sort out.  That she consciously linked our police with Nazis and the efforts to stem violence in schools with concentration camps is stupefying. 

I have never been to the sites where concentration camps were set up by Hitler’s men.  But I have studied history, read a great deal, and saw enough documentary coverage to know that what happens to teenagers who run afoul of society’s expectations in high school are not being subjected to anything comparable to a concentration camp.

The bar in our country for political discourse is pathetically low.  I do not have a great deal of hope from conservatives in lifting it, as they seem only willing to support Trump’s tone and style.  But I need to have faith that liberals and progressives can elevate our conversations that are much needed if we are to govern and learn from one another.

What Muldrow did was of such lack of principle and common sense that she will not find any soft words of apology will carry away the harm and hurt she purposefully placed into the community.

And so it goes.

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