My Letter To Editor Published In Wisconsin State Journal Thanking Barry Adams

From today’s Wisconsin State Journal.

Thanks to State Journal reporter Barry Adams for Sunday’s article “Hotel preserves state history.”

Newspapers provide the news we need to know, keeping us abreast of an ever-changing world, be it down the block or around the globe. Adams proved the rich past is as much a story to be told, and known, as the latest actions from a legislative body.

With deft writing, Adams pulled readers back to a time when grand homes in Madison were constructed and lived in by notables. If the walls could talk in these homes, we would want Adams to be the one to chronicle the tales.

Newspapers face tough economic times, but no other medium would have allowed Adams to bring such a fascinating story, with such details, to the public. He allowed insight into the past, along with another reason why newspapers are relevant.

Gregory Humphrey, Madison