F-35 Jet Fears In Madison Overblown–Scare Tactics Of NIMBY Rings Hollow

Readers know I have been a supporter of F-16s which fly out of Truax Field in Madison, and also have strongly supported plans to locate F-35s in our city.  As was posted on Caffeinated Politics, and published at In Business and linked at several news sites I feel we have a duty as Americans to share the responsibility of having this training facility in Dane County. 

To hear some of the dialogue about why people are opposed to the F-35s would lead one to conclude that deafening roars will scare grandchildren, shake windows from frames, and do everything but rattle the ground so much that caskets will pop out.  What has come to pass for reasoned discussions from the NIMBY crowd–who are really just weak-willed individuals when it comes to our international role in the world–shows the dismal case they have as the final steps are taken to bring these jets to our city.

Today WKOW-TV reported on the actions being considered by the 115th Fighter Wing, which demonstrates why the 70-plus years of Truax being a good neighbor continues.

Chris Arnez, who’s a retired F-16 pilot, said the jets can also use alternative paths to reduce the noise.

“There are also a lot of noise abatement practices that we can use in-flight so we can vary our flight path. We can take off to the North versus the South,” said Arnez.

But when it comes to jet noise the discussion needs to move from the ‘sky is falling’ crowd and bring it back to the common-sense middle.

A few weeks ago an environmental impact statement from the Air National Guard showed 272 households would hear noises as loud as a vacuum cleaner three feet away.

Lord, say it is not so!

A Hoover or a Bissell?  We have a Kirby and being neat-freaks the machine is used a lot in our home. And closer than three feet.  My hearing is just fine.

And so will Madison’s ears, even though a segment of the citizenry enjoys getting caught up in their own self-generated hysteria.  This is what we do in our city all too often, and it takes a toll as when truly serious matters arise people are spent and not wishing to expend more energy.  The other half is so dismayed from the crying of ‘wolf’ they tune other messages out.

As I stated before on CP this matter concerning the placement of F-35s is one I take most seriously.

We must take our responsibilities as citizens most seriously.   From voting, serving on a jury, or paying taxes it is our duty to step up and serve in a variety of ways.  That also applies to where the military trains, such as at Truax.  I do not know any person on a first name basis who is actively serving in our military.  So the least I can do is support the men and women who have accepted that role.  If I am advocating policies, such as no-fly zones in Syria, I then should also accept the placement of training for such missions near to where I reside. I am not one who suggests the F-35 be relegated to places like North or South Dakota.

Walking the talk matters.