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British Conservatives Stand For Nation, GOP Should Follow Suit In U.S.

September 3, 2019


It was a stirring day, with lots of drama in Britain as Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s refusal to deal with Brexit in a manner that will not greatly harm his country met head-on with those within his own party who would not bend.

It was a lesson in democracy and patriotism when twenty-one Conservative politicians defied Johnson’s wishes by voting for a motion that paves the way for Brexit to be delayed till 2020.   As a result, within a short span of time, the temper tantrum from 10 Downing Street was being unleashed.  It was reported that Conservative MPs who did not support the prime minister “will have the Tory whip removed”, meaning that they would not be allowed to stand as Conservative representatives in parliament.

That is a price that had been threatened.  But (here me now) that was a price these members were willing to pay as they put their nation above and beyond their political careers and fears from a bombastic leader.

It should be noted on Sept. 3, 1939, England declared war against Germany, and Winston Churchill was invited back from political exile to serve as First Lord of the Admiralty and later a prime minister in the war against Adolf Hitler. Eighty years later to the day, his grandson said he would be expelled from the Conservative Party for voting against embattled Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Brexit.  Nicholas Soames was one of the members ejected.

As we all are aware there are no Republicans in our nation, other than those who are not seeking re-election, who have the decency and common sense to lift country over the insanity that has smeared this nation from the Oval Office. No one in the Republican Party is as brave or patriotic as Soames, and the other 20 members demonstrated today.  We have seen the reckless ends, such as those like Johnson and Donald Trump, who are wedded to nationalism, xenophobia, and unshackled populism will drag a nation.  We have also now seen what leadership against thugs looks like.

It looks and feels great.

Let us bring Johnson and Trump down and replace them with those who adhere to democratic ideals, and common sense.

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