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Bubba Can Not Buy Ammo For AR-15s At Walmart

September 3, 2019

Baby steps.  Baby steps.  But I am still pleased.


James and I have not stepped into a Walmart since January 2011.  We simply can not abide by their politics or their undermining of small mom and pop businesses around the nation.  We will never again give them a single dollar of sales.  But still, I am pleased to see that a very tepid response was taken by Walmart when it comes to guns and ammunition.

Walmart has made it clear they will discontinue the sale of ammunition used in high-capacity magazines and military-style weapons and also asked its customers not to openly carry firearms in stores even in states where it is permitted.

The retail giant said it will stop selling short-barrel rifle ammunition, such as the .223 and 5.56 caliber, which can be used in high-capacity magazines and military-style weapons.

Whether Bubba reads the newspapers or watches the news is hard to say.  That demographic may not know this news.  But for the rest of us it is a small step towards the start of sanity when it comes to our sickening, and most deadly, gun culture.

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