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Leonard Pitts Most Correct, Normal Is Not Where Nation Should Head

September 3, 2019

I always enjoy what columnist Leonard Pitts has to offer in his commentaries.  But this weekend I almost stood and heartily applauded after reading his thoughts about where our nation should head.  While I very much support Joe Biden for president, I also very much concur with the words and tone from Pitts.

See, we left normal a long time ago, and it wasn’t because Democrats were mean. We left it because Republicans made a conscious and calculated decision to absent themselves from the responsibilities of citizenship and governance. They broke this country, one Tea Party rally, one birther lie, one government shutdown, one voter suppression law, one stolen Supreme Court seat at a time.

And the idea that Democrats should make it their priority to get us back to “normal” is worse than naive because it rewards and absolves the GOP for years of party-first obstructionism. “Normal” is what got us here. So rather than beg them to hold hands with the rest of us as we try to get back to where we were, let’s map a path to someplace new and challenge them to keep up.

Because there is opportunity here, a chance to build a new normal superior to the old. Maybe in the new normal, American ingenuity is unleashed in a man-to-the-moon campaign to save the world from climate disaster. Maybe in the new normal, higher education is accessible because student loans don’t loom like Kilimanjaro. Maybe in the new normal, you can go to the movies, the bar or the school without fear of being mowed down by some disaffected idiot because common-sense gun laws have taken hold. Maybe in the new normal, the cages stand open, the concentration camps empty, because we have embraced sensible immigration reform. Maybe in the new normal, health care is a human right.

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